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JPPI 2012-2013 Annual Assessment Presentation to the Israeli Cabinet Press Briefing Excerpts
Sunday June 23, 2013

JPPI Senior Fellow Jonathan Sarna on Russian-Speaking Jews in N. America
Introduced by Natan Sharansky--July 25, 2013

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Relationship between India, Israel and the Jewish People
The Knesset Sub-Committee on Israel and Diaspora Affairs
Tuesday February 28, 2012

Ambassador Stuart Eizenstat presentation base on his book
"21st Century Global Forces, Their Impact on The Jewish People, Israel and the United States"

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Natan Sharansky, Chairman of the Jewish Agency,
on red lines, rose lines and advice from Dennis Ross
Tuesday January 24, 2012

Dennis Ross interview on Channel 2
Friday, January 27, 2012

Ambassador Dennis Ross’ speech on
regional developments in 2012
Tusday January 24, 2012

US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro introduces Ambassador Ross
Tusday, January 24, 2012

Dr. Dov Maimon remarks on "Conversion"
at the Israeli Presidential Conference,
Thursday June 23, 2011

Newly posted US ambassador to Israel, Daniel B. Shapiro, makes first official public appearance at JPPI
Tusday, September 6, 2011

JPPI's presentation by Saul Singer
Monday, July 4, 2011

JPPI's presentation by Dr. Diana Pinto
Thursday, June 2, 2011

JPPI's presentation by Prof. Sylvia Barack- Fishman
Thursday, Dec. 30, 2010

JPPI's presentation by Prof. Leonard Saxe
Monday, Jan. 3, 2011

Dr. Shlomo Fischer discussing Jews in America, Jews in Israel, American Politic and more topics with Prof. Todd Gitlin
Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2010

Dr. Dov Maimon Discussing the Jewish community in France and the challenges it faces with Dr. Richard Prasquier, president of the CRIF
Thursday, Oct. 21, 2010

Amb. Stuart Eizenstats Introductory Remarks
Thursday, Oct. 21, 2010

The Presidentof the State of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres,
at the JPPI's Conference
Thursday, Oct. 21, 2010

PM Netanyahu Remarks at the JPPI's Conference,
Friday, Oct. 22, 2010

MK Tzipi Livni's remarks at the JPPI's Conference,
Thursday, Oct. 21, 2010

The Challenges and Opportunities Facing
the Brazilian Jewish Community,
Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2010

Ehud Bark, Defense Minister of Israel, at the JPPI's Conference,
Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2010