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Applying Israeli sovereignty: It’s now or never – opinion

Don’t Give Up on the Two-State Solution

2020 Pluralism Index

2020 JPPI Pluralism Index: Digital Event

The Growth of the Haredi Communities in the Diaspora: Expanding Civic and Political Engagement

The Global Positions of China and the US, Before and After the Coronavirus Crisis

The Growth of the Haredi Communities in the Diaspora

China’s Rise, US Opposition and the Implications for Israel

The Strategic Triangle: Jerusalem-Washington-American Jewry

2019 Annual Assessment

Presentation of the 2019 Annual Assessment Executive Summary to Israeli Cabinet

Miriam Naor Speech on the Occasion of Receiving an Honorary Doctorate from Hebrew U

The Evolving World Order: Implications for Israel and the Jewish People

The Future of the Current World Order: Implications for Israel and the Jewish People


Israeli And Diaspora Jews: ‘We Are Siblings, Not Cousins’

Politico Interview with Amb. Stuart E. Eizenstat, JPPI Co-Chair

Answer our survey and see where you land on the map of Israeli Judaism

Rising Streams: Reform and Conservative Judaism in Israel

On Genetics and Jewish History

2018 Annual Assessment

We’re Staunch Zionists. And We Are Worried About Israel’s Democracy

70 Years of Israel-Diaspora Relations: The Next Generation

2018 Annual Assessment – Government Edition

70 Years of Israel-Diaspora Relations: the Next Generation

An Integrated Jewish World Response to Israel’s Migrant Challenge

Will Netanyahu Surrender to the Annexation Camp?

When diaspora Jews speak, do Israelis listen?

Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu’s landmark visit to India

India’s Israel relations, the Middle East and China

Jerusalem and the Jewish People: Unity and Division

Memories of an Anti-Semitic State Department

2017 Annual Assessment

Op-Ed: Putting the Kotel Decision in Context

What JPPI’s 2017 Global Jewish Dialogue on Jerusalem Teaches us about the Kotel Crisis

India, Israel and the Jewish People – Book Launch Closing Remarks

Ambassador Stuart Eizenstat – India, Israel and the Jewish People

Ambassador Mark Sofer – India, Israel and the Jewish People

Ambassador Pavan Kapoor – India, Israel and the Jewish People

Ambassador Dennis Ross – India, Israel and the Jewish People

Op-Ed: Red Lines Belong to the People

India, Israel and the Jewish People

Raising Jewish Children: Research and Indications for Intervention

JBS: Pluralism in Israel

Op-Ed: When Craziness Makes Sense

French Election: Fillon May Have Lost in France, but He Won in Israel

Most Israeli Arabs Wouldn’t Live With Jews but Want Their Children to Study With Them, Study Says

JPPI Survey: Israeli Jews and Arabs Happy to Live in Israel, Just Not Together

2017 Pluralism in Israel Index

2017 Pluralism Index – Press Release

2017 Pluralism Index Survey Results

Op-Ed: Criticism of Israel is not Anti-Semitic – But it Quickly Leads There

Op-Ed: Intel, Mobileye, and the Coming Technological Revolution

Op-Ed: Shifts in the West: Impacts on Israel and the Jewish People

Love and Identity: A Personal Story of a JPPI Senior Partner

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Address to JPPI Conference

Closing Remarks at the 2017 Conference on the Future of the Jewish People

Israel’s Standing in the West: PR , Policy or Substance

Yair Lapid – Strategic Responses for Israel: Principles for Policy

MK Isaac Herzog – Strategic Responses for Israel: Principles for Public Policy

Shifts in the West: Impacts on Israel and the Jewish People

Rising nationalism vs globalization 
and how it affects the Jews

Shifting Trends in the West and their Impact on Israel and the Jewish People

Amb. Dennis Ross – Foreign Policy Challenges Facing Trump Administration

Exploring the Jewish Spectrum in a Time of Fluid Identity

New JPPI Report: Jewish Community Undergoes Radial Change

Op-Ed: Why Anti-BDS Legislation is Important… But Ultimately Limited

Op-Ed: The Trump Win: Hoping for a Strong America to Advance a Peace Initiative

Drop in French Jews’ immigration to Israel ends record-setting boom

2016 Annual Assessment

Op-Ed: Natan Sharansky on the late Elie Wiesel

Op-Ed in WSJ: The Improbable Happiness of Israelis

Soldiers perceived to contribute most to the success of Israel

JPPI Launches Its Pluralism Index in Israel

JPPI Pluralism Index Launch Presentation

Op-Ed: BDS Is Not The Answer

Amb. Dennis Ross – Doomed to Succeed: The U.S.-Israel Relationship from Truman to Obama

Op-Ed: A lesson from 1980

Op-Ed: Understanding Pew- Factoring in Israeli culture

Elliott Abrams – Foreign Policy Implications of 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

Op-Ed: The Truth from the U.S.

A Statecraft-Security Israeli-Jewish View

New Western Wall Prayer Space Highlights Wider Divide Among Jews

Israel Today: Society, Identity, and Political Affinities

Op-Ed: The New Jewish Underground

2014-2015 Annual Assessment

Jewish Values and Israel’s Use of Force in Armed Conflict: Perspectives from World Jewry

Q&A Shlomo Fischer: Some settlers think they’re above the law

Op-Ed: Securing an Acceptable Iran Deal in the Long Run

Jewish Solidarity In an Age of Polarization

Global Jewish Population Almost as Big as Before the Holocaust

Dr. Henry Kissinger – Plenary with Amb. Dennis Ross

Israeli, US Jewish leaders discuss Jewish solidarity in polarization times

Geopolitical Challenges and the New Government

Op-Ed: Best of Luck to Rivlin

JPPI’s Emergency Plan for French Aliyah

Op-Ed: A Speech and a Wake-Up Call

Op-Ed: Democratic Crisis or Jewish Catastrophe?

Think Tank Prepares Aliyah Plan for 120,000 French Jews

Israeli Cabinet Approves Nationality Bill

Op-Ed: Fear-mongering and Jewish Peoplehood

How DNA testing can reveal Jewish ancestry and bolster the Zionist narrative

2013-2014 Annual Assessment

Israel as a Jewish and Democratic State

On Israelis Abroad

Preliminary Findings – Jewish and Democratic: Perspectives from World Jewry

The Conference on the Future of the Jewish People, Glen Cove 2014

Implications of the Pew Report

The Challenge of Peoplehood: Strengthening the Attachment of Young American Jews to Israel in the Time of the Distancing Discourse

2014 – A Strategically Decisive Year

Dr. Shalom Salomon Wald – Rise and Fall of Civilizations: Lessons for the Jewish People

‘Jews Not by Religion’

The Cultural Dimension of Jewish European Identity

Who are the “Jews by Religion” in the Pew Report?

Anti-Christian terror is everyone’s concern

Prof. Sylvia Barack Fishman – Three Decades of Patrilineal Descent in American Reform Judaism

The Renewed Peace Talks

2012-2013 Annual Assessment

Russian-Speaking Jews in North America

JPPI 2012-2013 Annual Assessment Presentation to the Israeli Cabinet

2013 – Elections in the United States and Israel

Patrilineal Descent in American Reform Judaism

Op-Ed: Remembering Jack Kay, ‘A Giant in the Jewish World’

“The Haredi Challenge”

Stanley Greenberg – Political Polling on U.S. Jewry

Nir Barkat, Mayor of Jerusalem, at JPPI’s 2012 Conference

Bernard-Henri Lévy at JPPI’s 2012 Conference

Yair Shamir at JPPI’s 2012 Conference

U.S. Ambassador to Israel, Daniel B. Shapiro at JPPI’s 2012 Conference

The President of the State of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres, at JPPI’s 2012 Conference

MK Shelly Yachimovich at JPPI’s 2012 Conference

Prof. Yehezkel Dror – The Jewish People: A Long-Range Perspective

Jewish Demographic Policies

The Circumcision Crisis

2011-2012 Annual Assessment

Amb. Stuart Eizenstat Presents His Newest Book

Prioritized Strategies for the Jewish People: 2012

Strengthening Jewish-Israeli Identity of Israelis Abroad

Natan Sharansky, Chairman of the Jewish Agency, speaks at JPPI

Amb. Ross’s First Visit to JPPI upon Returning as Co-Chair in 2012

Amb. Dennis Ross – Regional Developments

Amb. Daniel B. Shapiro – Opening Remarks

Amb. Dennis Ross – Chanel 2 Interview on “Iran Deal,” Peace Process

The Jews of France in 2030

Learning Jewishness, Jewish Education and Jewish Identity

Amb. Daniel B. Shapiro – First Official Public Appearance

Remarks to the JPPI by US Ambassador Daniel B. Shapiro

St. Louis Federation Hosts Powerhouse Delegation from Jewish Think Tank in Jerusalem

Saul Singer – The Israeli Economic Miracle

Dr. Diana Pinto – The Peace Process From a European Perspective

2010 Annual Assessment

Uncharted Waters, 21st Century Global Forces

Anti-Semitism Data, 2009

Steve J. Rosen – France-Israel Relationship

Prof. Sylvia Barack Fishman – Israel De-Legitimization on U.S. College Campuses

Arevut, Responsibility and Partnership

Muslim Anti-Semitism

World Jewish Population

Dr. Leonard Saxe – Polling Data on U.S. Jewry

Back to the Future, European Jewry

Attitudes Toward Israel and the Jewish People

Rethinking Peoplehood and Israel-Diaspora Relations

The 2010 Conference of the Jewish People Report

A Permanent Agreement: The Jewish Dimension

Conversion: After the Dialogue and the Crisis

Debating Religion and State and “Distancing”

Who Needs Denominations?

Dr. Richard Prasquier – Challenges Facing French Jewry

Op-Ed: Israel Is a Victim of Turkey’s Transformation

Amb. Stuart Eizenstat – Introductory Remarks

The President of the State of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres, at JPPI’s 2010 Conference

Op-Ed: The Morning After

MK Tzipi Livni at JPPI’s 2010 Conference

Defense Minister of Israel, Mr. Ehud Barak, at JPPI’s 2010 Conference

PM Benjamin Netanyahu at JPPI’s 2010 Conference

Prof. Todd Gitlin – Voting Patterns of U.S. Jewry

Background: Conversion, Between Crisis and Dialogue

Background: Rethinking Israel-Diaspora Relations

Op-Ed: Debasing a Foundational Idea

Mega-Trends and the Jewish People

Assessment: Permanent Agreement, Jewish Dimension

Background: Mideast Peace, the Jewish Dimension

Alberto Milkewitz – The Status of Brazilian Jewry

2009 Annual Assessment

Background: European Jewry in 2030

2030: Alternative Futures for the Jewish People

Muslim Anti-Semitism: The Challenge and Possible Responses

The Triangular Relationship of Jerusalem, Washington, and the American Jewish community

2008 Annual Assessment

President’s Conference 2008 – Background Policy Documents

2007 Annual Assessment


2006 Annual Assessment

The Future of Israel Between Thriving and Decline

2005 Annual Assessment

Jewish People Global Forum

Policy Paper: China and the Jewish People

2004 Annual Assessment

Jewish Demography: Facts, Outlook, Challenges

The New Anti-Jewishness