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Crowd Sourced Genealogy and Direct-to-Consumer DNA Testing: Implications for the Jewish People

Special thanks to Deborah A. Bolnick Ph.D, Dept. of Anthropology, University of Texas at Austin, for serving as scientific advisor on this chapter. Interest in genealogical mapping has dramatically increased in recent years. New online tools are available for individuals to research their family history and collaborate with distant relatives to build family trees. Concurrently, advances in genetic research and computing technology have enabled direct-to-consumer (DTC) genealogical mapping through DNA…
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New Subjects in the Field

Researchers Team

Noah Slepkov
Fellow for Science, Technology, and Data



Noah served as Foreign Policy and Strategic Advisor to Member of Knesset Dr. Einat Wilf and worked in the Israeli Knesset as a Parliamentary Assistant. His responsibilities included briefing senior diplomats and foreign media correspondents from around the world. He also worked with pro-Israel and Jewish organization around the world organizing community visits and lectures.

Noah holds an Honors BA in Jewish Studies from York University and an MA in Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution from the Lauder School of Government at the IDC Herzliya. He also studied Economics at the University of Toronto and Political Science at the University of Western Ontario.

Prior to immigrating to Israel from Canada in 2008, Noah worked on campuses across Canada organizing Jewish student events and leading Israel advocacy efforts.

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Crowd Sourced Genealogy and Direct-to-Consumer DNA Testing: Implications for the Jewish People