An Integrated Jewish World Response to Israel’s Migrant Challenge

The 38,000 illegal migrants currently in Israel pose a dilemma between Jewish humanitarian values on the one hand and Israel’s raison d’etre as the nation state of the Jewish people on the other. World Jewish decision makers should consider their first priority to be ensuring Israel’s capacity for future Jewish immigration given expected mass migration waves from distressed countries to the West. The decision regarding the illegal migrants creates a…
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The Future of Israel Between Thriving and Decline

Researchers Team

Shmuel Rosner
Senior Fellow
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Head of the Pluralism and Democracy in Israel Project and the Structured World Dialogue Process


Shmuel Rosner is a Tel Aviv based columnist, editor and think tank fellow.

He is a fellow at The Jewish People Policy Institute (JPPI);
He is the non-fiction Editor for Israel’s largest Publishing House, Kinneret-Zmora-Bitan-Dvir;
He is Senior Political Editor for the Jewish Journal, and he writes the popular blog Rosner’s Domain;
He writes a weekly column for The International Herald Tribune \ New York Times and for Israel’s Maariv Daily.

Rosner was previously a columnist for The Jerusalem Post, and was Chief U.S. Correspondent, Head of the News Division and Head of the Features Division for the Israeli daily Haaretz. He wrote for many magazines, including Slate, Foreign Policy, Commentary, The New Republic, The Jewish Review of Books, and others.

Rosner’s book “Shtetl Bagel Baseball, on the Wonderful Dreadful State of American Jews” was published in Israel by Keter (Hebrew, 2011) and became a bestseller.

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