JPPI's 2016 Annual Assessment

Published ספט 29, 2016

JPPI's 2016 Annual Assessment of the Situation and Dynamics of the Jewish People


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Table of Contents

Foreword by Stuart Eizenstat and Dennis Ross


PART 1: Suggested Policy Directions, Integrated ‘Net’ Assessment

Recommended Policy Directions

2016 Integrated Net Assessment

Selected Indicators of World Jewry 2015-2016


PART 2: Dimensions of Jewish Well-being


An Opportunity for a Geopolitical Adjustment

State-Level Anti-BDS Legislative Initiatives – Overview and Recommendations

Comprehensive Three-Dimensional Index on anti-Semitism in Europe

India and Israel



The Population of Israel


Bonds Within and Between Communities

Looking at Jewish Pluralism in Israel


Identity Formation and Expression

What are the Main Components of Jewishness? Results of JPPI Surveys

After the Zionist Revolution: Patterns of Jewish Collective Identity among Israeli Jews

Religious Zionism in Israel Today: Toward the Center


Material Resources

Jewish People Ways and Means, 2015-2016


People of the Book

The Heritage of Jewish Literacy and Educational Achievement and the State of Education in Israel


PART 3: Feature Articles

Orthodox Jews in the United States

French Aliyah: Governmental Efforts and Recommendations for Realizing the Full Potential

Austrian Jewry 70+ Years after the Shoah

The Jewish Community in Turkey