Islam and the Arab world

Muslim Anti-Semitism: The Challenge and Possible Responses

This position paper, that was first published in 2009,  seeks to describe and analyze the phenomenon of hatred against Jews in the Muslim world, note the dangers it embodies, and suggest courses of action for its thwarting and/or alleviation. The work discusses:

1. The legacy of the near and far Islamic past, its empirical presence, its present
usages, as well as the influence of the Israeli-Arab conflict and the current Muslim
2. Cultural dialogue as a potential factor in reducing hostility and hatred.
3. Assuming that such dialogue is of limited importance, we examine the deep
meanings of Jew hatred, which are critical for any informed strategy to counter the
4. Based on all of the above, we propose possible responses.

To read the full paper: Muslim Anti-Semitism: The Challenge and Possible Responses