2016 Annual Assessment

Annual Assessment 2016

Dr. Shlomo Fischer

Avinoam Bar-Yosef, Susanne Cohen-Weisz, Rémi Daniel, Chaya Ekstein, Dan Feferman, Avi Gil, Inbal Hakman, Michael Herzog, Simon Luxemburg, David Landes, Dov Maimon, Steven Popper, Uzi Rebhun, Shmuel Rosner, John Ruskay, Noah Slepkov, Shalom Solomon Wald, Einat Wilf

Barry Geltman
Rami Tal

2016 Annual Assessment

The Vienna (and thus the Austrian) Jewish community is small. And while its majority is not strictly observant, it has developed a strong Orthodox religious group identity. Therefore, after the decline of the centrality of memory of the Shoah and the State of Israel as binding agents informing Jewish group identity, religion now fills the gap. Due to this, Vienna has today a united and flourishing community, which is constantly developing with regard to kosher infrastructure, educational institutions and cultural offerings. The community has become more secure in expressing its Jewish identity while, at the same time, has become better integrated into Austrian society.