Annual Assessments

2019 Annual Assessment

Global Trends and Policy Recommendations
Integrated Anti-Semitism Index: Europe and the US
Special Chapters: Jewish Creativity and Cultural Outputs


Shmuel Rosner


Avinoam Bar-Yosef, Dan Feferman, Shlomo Fischer Avi Gil, Inbal Hakman, Michael Herzog, Dov Maimon, Gitit Paz-Levi, Steven Popper, Uzi Rebhun, John Ruskay, Noah Slepkov, Adar Schiber, Rami Tal, Shalom Salomon Wald


Barry Geltman

2019 Annual Assessment

The picture painted here is one of creative abundance and cultural, thematic, and stylistic diversity. Israeli culture blurs boundaries between the social center and periphery and highlights the voices of minority groups. In the United States, engagement with Jewish issues persists, and successful TV series concerned with Jewish topics are also addressing such contemporary issues as feminism and blurring boundaries of gender and sexual identity. Encounter between creative people on both sides of the Atlantic are a mix of closeness, intimacy, and fear. Creative people feel inspired to depict the alternative Jewish space and in so doing reveal the mutual attraction between the world’s two largest Jewish communities – even in an era when narratives of distance are being emphasized.