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Australian Jewish Community Looks to the Future

JPPI Conference | Tuesday, June 7, 2022
Ukraine – A Case Study: Moral Considerations in Israel’s Foreign Policy

Is there basis to Lavrov’s Comments on Hitler, Judaism and Antisemitism?

Generalizing about All Arabs is as Bad as Antisemitic Generalizations

MK Yitzhak Pindrus the haredi bulldozer

The BDS Pound of Flesh

The Israeli government must cooperate with J Street

Measuring the Politicization of Israel in Congress

Shared Spaces, Challenging Spaces: What the findings of JPPI’s 2022 Pluralism Index survey reveal

Back from Berlin where every day was Holocaust Remembrance Day

The Blessing of Unity

On Freedom

And the One Who Does Not Know How to Ask

An inclusive Jewish nationalism opens itself to refugees

The last of the ‘gedolim’

Will China repeat America’s mistakes in the Middle East?

From Generation to Generation, Great Rabbis Come and Go – But the System Remains the Same

The Advice I Gave Madeleine Albright When She Found Out She Was Jewish

The War in Ukraine: Implications for the Jewish People (Hebrew Event)

How the Abraham Accords Can Also Help Restore Israel–American Jewry Relations

Responding to Amb. Shoval: Judge us based on who we are, not who we were

The Jewish Agency has a vital mission – but first, it needs a shake-up

Chief rabbi’s call for Ukrainian Jews to immigrate is hypocritical

These are the implications for Russian Jewry if Russia wins

Poverty in the haredi sector is not destiny

Speaking with the Ambassadors

Should Israel Count World Jewry?

Erdan is fit to continue representing the Israeli government at the UN

Israel as Myth: Challenges and Opportunities

An Eye Gazes toward the Diaspora: Israel’s Commitment to Diaspora Jewry


Reparations, Restitution and the Price of Forgetting

The Haredi Leadership: Crime and its Punishment

High Noon: The Rabbi versus the Colonel

To Repair the Whole, We Must Understand its Parts