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2010 Annual Assessment

Uncharted Waters, a chapter from the forthcoming book, 21st Century Global Forces, Their Impact on the Jewish People, Israel and the US; a special edition prepared for the 2011 Israeli Presidential Conference; Sturat E. Eizenstat, with a foreword by Martin Gilbert.

Jewish Demographic Policies, Population Trends and Options in Israel and in the Diaspora, Sergio DellaPergola, 2011.

Mega-Trends and their Impact on the Jewish People, Prepared for JPPI’s 2010 Conference on the Future of the Jewish People, Stuart Eizenstat, 2010.

Toward 2030: Strategies for the Jewish Future, Background Documents for the 2010 Conference on the Future of the Jewish People, JPPI Staff, 2010.

2030: Alternative Futures for the Jewish People, Avi Gil and Einat Wilf, 2010.

Annual Assessment 2009, Executive Report No. 6, with special in-depth chapters: The Economic Crisis and its Impact on the Jewish People, Changes of Administration in the U.S. and Israel and Global Geo-Strategic Trends and their Possible Implications for the Jewish People, JPPPI Staff and Contributors, 2009.

The Triangular Relationship of Jerusalem, Washington and North American Jewry, Background Documents for the 2009 Glen Cove Conference, JPPPI Staff, 2009.

Muslim Anti-Semitism: The Challenge and Possible Responses, Prof. Emmanuel Sivan, 2009.

Annual Assessment 2008, Executive Report No. 5, with a special section on Women in Jewish Society, JPPPI Staff and Contributors, 2008.

Background Policy Documents for the Inaugural President’s Conference: Facing Tomorrow, JPPPI Staff and Contributors, 2008.

Annual Assessment 2007, Executive Report No. 4, Societal Aspects, JPPPI Staff and Contributors, 2007.

A Strategic Plan for the Strengthening of Jerusalem, JPPPI Staff, 2007.

Background Policy Documents for the 2007 Conference on the Future of the Jewish People, JPPPI Staff, 2007.

Annual Assessment 2006, Executive Report No. 3, Major Shifts – Threats and Opportunities, JPPPI Staff and Contributors, 2006.

A Road Map for the Jewish People for 2025, Published in the context of the Alternative Futures for the Jewish People 2025 project, Prepared for the 2006 Herzliya Conference, JPPPI Staff, 2006.

Institut de Planification d’une Politique pour le Peuple Juif, Rapport Annuel du JPPPI 2005/2006
, Le Peuple Juif en 2005/2006, Entre Renaissance et Déclin, Special edition in French, JPPPI Staff and Contributors, 2006.

Annual Assessment 2005, Executive Report No.2, Facing a Rapidly Changing World, JPPPI Staff and Contributors, 2005.

The Jewish People Between Thriving And Decline, JPPPI Staff and Contributors, 2005. To succeed, large resources, judicious coping with critical decisions and careful crafting of long-term grand-policies are needed. The full volume contains analyses of the major communities around the world and in-depth assessments of significant topics.

Global Jewish People Forum, Position Paper, JPPPI Staff, 2005.
The position paper examines President Moshe Katsav’s initiative to establish a “Second House” and makes a number of recommendations. Soft Power – A National Asset, Prepared for the 2005 Herzliya Conference, Sharon Pardo, 2005.
Today’s global changes in the international arena require more consideration of soft assets possessed by the Jewish People.

Annual Assessment 2004, Executive Report No. 1, Between Thriving and Decline, JPPPI Staff and Contributors, 2004.

China and the Jewish People: Old Civilizations in a New Era, Strategy Paper, Shalom Salomon Wald, 2004.
This is the first strategic document in the series: Improving the Standing of the Jewish People in Emerging Superpowers Without a Biblical Tradition.

Confronting Antisemitism – A Strategic Perspective, Strategy Paper; Yehezkel Dror, 2004.
The increasing ability of fewer to easily kill more and more makes new antisemitism into a lethal danger that requires comprehensive, multi-dimensional and long-term counter-strategies.

Jewish Demography: Facts, Outlook, Challenges, Alert Paper No. 2, Sergio DellaPergola, 2003.
There may be fewer Jews in the world than commonly thought, and if the current demographic trends continue unchanged, there might be even fewer in the future.

New Anti-Jewishness, Alert Paper No. 1, Irwin Cotler, 2002.
The new Anti-Jewishness consists of discrimination against, or denial of, the right of the Jewish people to live, as an equal member of the family of nations.