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2010 Annual Assessment

Last year’s Annual Assessment (2009) focused on the economic status of the Jewish people and the implications of the global financial crisis on Jewish philanthropy. In this year’s Assessment we focus on the global crisis itself, its causes and its nature, and especially its differential impact and policy treatment in the US and Israel.

The global financial crisis has had important effects in four arenas of central importance to Jewish people policy: 1) The international arena in which a major re-alignment of power relations is occurring 2) the Israeli economy 3) the Jewish communities in the Diaspora 4) the relationships and equilibrium between Israel and the Diaspora communities.

Thus we are providing a brief analysis of the origins and nature of the global crisis, the policy responses to it and their influence on the above four arenas in the hope of formulating a more effective Jewish people policy. We will especially focus on the US and Israel as a backdrop to understanding the changing relationship between the American and Israeli Jewish communities.