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מצב העם היהודי- הערכה שנתית 2014-2015

  1. Develop a comprehensive, long-term strategic approach toward China and India, combining political, economic, defense, and cultural perspectives.
  2. Establishing an inter-ministerial executive committee – under the auspices of the Prime Minister’s Office, in charge of strategy implementation and intra-Governmental coordination.
  3. After touching base with the United States on the subject – discuss with China possible new peace-supporting and stabilizing roles. For example, a large Chinese investment program for the Palestinian territories (housing, roads, and other infrastructure elements).
  4. Reach out to India’s defeated Congress Party, individual state governments, and India’s moderate Muslims. These constituencies lost some political power in 2014, but this could be temporary.

JPPI’s 2012-2013 Annual Assessment included a chapter entitled The Rise of Asia – Policy Implications for Israel and the Jewish People. Although economic and other relations with China and India were expanding, the chapter noted a “relative political and diplomatic stagnation.”1 This is no longer the case. Since 2013, there have been significant improvements in Israel’s relations with both Asian giants in the political and diplomatic arenas. This will, in time, have various important repercussions for the Jewish people globally. While the causes of these improvements are different for China and India, their impact on Israel’s global geopolitical standing, and that of its Jewish supporters, is similar. As Israel’s political position in Europe, the Muslim world, Latin America, and partially or temporarily even in the United States, deteriorated in 2014, the Israeli and the Jewish position in Asia grew stronger. Improvements in Asia, still barely detectable in international diplomacy, obviously cannot fully compensate for Israel’s political losses in other parts of the world. However, considering Asia’s rapid rise, it is a ray of light in a currently darkening political landscape.