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מצב העם היהודי- הערכה שנתית 2014-2015

Summing up the analysis in regard to dynamics and trends GEN08 supports the perceptions of Australian Jewry being a thriving Jewish community, but argues that there are some worrying signs. These include the move from parochialism, with a focus within the community, to a more global and transnational focus for the present generation. The findings of the GEN08 indicate that Australian Jewry is behind American Jewry, but is on a similar trajectory. On the international scene, Australian Jewry tends to punch above its weight. This can been seen in the fact that the current ECAJ President, Robert Goot, was included in the German paper, Allgemeine’s list of the top 100 influential Jews. Overall, Australian Jewry is a vibrant community, but as with other Diaspora communities, it faces significant challenges.