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מצב העם היהודי- הערכה שנתית 2014-2015

Drawing on discourse analysis, we have classified the far-right populists into four groups. The most salient division for our purposes is between the “Old Far Right” and the “New Radical Right” parties. While the former maintain an ambivalent relationship with their fascist/Nazi lineages and hold very negative attitudes toward both Jews and Israel, the latter have broken with historical fascism, have adopted procedural democracy, and view Israel as an ally in the struggle against the threat they allege Islam poses to European civilization.

In this context, Marine Le Pen requires Jewish vigilance. She may acquiesce to Arab anti-Israeli boycott pressures, and may attempt to impose sanctions and a stilted, unfair peace agreement diktat on Israel. Even without going that far, it is reasonable to suspect that countries led by anti-establishment, eurosceptic parties may not be reliable and honest brokers in advancing Middle East peace.

An identity backlash against multi-cultural policies is only one likely scenario, but should one occur, Jews might become “collateral damage” in a civilization quarrel – or worse, the direct target of Europeans who implicate Jews in the quarrel itself.