Article Library / 2016

2016 Annual Assessment

1     France:; UK :; Germany :; harassments in internet and literature are not included. They are reflected in the ADL index (attitudes toward Jews).
2    ADL Global 100 (2014) and update about 19 countries (2015), Anti-Defamation League, An Index of Anti-Semitism, Executive Summary.
3    Figures for 2015 taken from ADL, Op. cit.; figures for 2014 taken from Koopmans (Germany and France) and Raynié (France). Reynié, Dominique. L’antisémitisme dans l’opinion publique française. Nouveaux éclairages, Fondapol, November 2014., Koopmans, Ruud. “Fundamentalism and out-group hostility Muslim immigrants and Christian natives in Western Europe.” WZB Berlin Social Science Center, WZB Mitteilungen, December 2013. See also “Türkische Migranten hoffen auf muslimische Mehrheit,” Die Welt, August 2012,
4    France:; UK :; Germany :; harassments in internet and literature not included.
5    FRA: “Discrimination and hate crime against Jews in EU: experiences and perceptions of antisemitism”, Fundamental Rights Agency, November 2013, European Union.
6    FRA, op. cit.
7    CNN, “State Department warns Americans about European travel,” June 1, 2016.
8    IFOP : “83% of French Jews trust the French government and French security forces.”
9    IPSOS: