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2016 Annual Assessment

1    Not to be confused with the Masorati movement which is the Israeli name for the American Conservative movement. We are not speaking about American Conservative Jews but of Israeli Jews mainly of North African and the Middle Eastern origin who selectively observe the religious tradition and have a religious outlook and belief system.
2    David Ohana, “The Secular Viewpoint of Menahem Brinker,” Haaretz, March 4, 2016 . Brinker’s recently published book, Hebrew Literature as European Literature and the discussion that it generated informs the analysis of Hilonim presented here.
3    It is likely that Haredim have a somewhat different understanding of “Jews in need” than other Jews and of the aid that they require.
4    Pre-Modern Jewish identity for the most part regarded Jewishness as both something given (ascribed) and as something achieved.
5.    “גויים ואס רעדען העברייאיש”.