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2016 Annual Assessment

Another Orthodox group worthy of mention is referred to as “Heimish.” Heimish Jews constitute a form of bridge community between the Hasidim and the Yeshivish. They are Jews whose families have Hasidic roots but no longer identify with a particular stream of Hasidut, and the males among them typically have been educated in Yeshivish educational institutions. At a Heimish synagogue or shtibel, one can expect to find congregants who wear black hats as well as some who wear shtreimels, some who will dip in the mikveh before prayers and those who won’t. The rabbi of the shtibel will likely leaven his discourse on the portion of the week with material from a Hasidic source. Children of Heimish Jews marry children of other Heimish families, but can as easily marry someone from a mainline Hasidic or standard Yeshivish family.