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2018 Annual Assessment

A ruling of the Regional Labor Court in Jerusalem that obligated the Civil Service Commission to open, to women, intended for the Haredi sector – a course that had been open to men only – is not yet final. As of this writing, the National Labor Court has ruled in favor of the state’s appeal and lifted the temporary injunction against the course. However, the Israel Women’s Network has filed a petition with the High Court of Justice. The civil servants’ training course intended for young Haredi men is itself a manifestation of the Haredim’s desire for greater integration in general Israeli society, however partially and with whatever limits. Usually, this aspiration is met with encouragement and support of state institutions. But the petition filed by the Israel Women’s Network against the course indicates that elements in the general society are not willing to let the Ultra-Orthodox decide the rules of their integration process unilaterally. They demand that the Ultra-Orthodox accept the rules of the game that apply to the general Israeli society.