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2018 Annual Assessment

1 In collaboration with Prof. Camil Fuchs of Tel Aviv University.
2 The data for American Jews is taken from The Pew Research Center, A Portrait of Jewish Americans (2013).
4 In the Diaspora, Lag B’Omer is marked mainly by Chabad who build bonfires and conduct parades for children.
5 It is true that certain religious authorities such as R. Moshe ben Nachman (1194-1270, Catalonia) ruled that settling the Land of Israel is a positive commandment, However, this was merely a theoretical statement. It only became part of the lived experience of Jews with the emergence of the Zionist movement and the modern state of Israel.
6 Among the general Jewish population of Israel, 46% see itself as Jewish first, 35% as Israel first and 20% refused to answer or rejected the dichotomy.