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China’s Rise, US Opposition and the Implications for Israel

Many experts merit thanks because they helped to improve this report, some after reading earlier drafts, others during discussions or in writing. The list is alphabetical and omits titles: Gedaliah Afterman, Dale Aluf, Ronald Atlas, Dan Catarivas, Fu Youde, Avi Gil, David Goldman, Daniel Haber, Mike Herzog, Ng Weng Hoong, Pinchas Landau, Eran Lerman, Alexander Pevsner, Steven Popper, Dennis Ross, Yitzhak Shichor, Chalom Schirman, Shoujun Cui, Wang Suolao, Carice Witte. In addition, I owe many thanks to SIGNAL (Sino-Israel Global Networks & Academic Leadership) for inviting me to important conferences, e.g. the Annual China-Israel-US Dialogue 2019 and the 4th Annual Conference on Israel’s China Policy 2019 as well as to meetings in China. Also important were meetings of an informal Israeli China Expert Group. There the contributions of the speakers and personal contacts with participants were of great help.