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China’s Rise, US Opposition and the Implications for Israel

1 The definition of a “super-power” is debatable, and so is the question of whether China has already reached the status of a super-power. US power is of a different dimension than that of any other Western country, Japan or Russia. The US is a super-power. As China wants parity with the US it can be regarded as an aspiring super-power.
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8 The Chinese government can and does prohibit the publication of unwanted book but did not do so in these cases. The US government does not have the same power.
9 The term “Silk Road” was a Western (probably German) invention of the late 19th century. It was accepted by the Chinese and everyone else.
10 In China, intellectual property is considered a production input, not a scientific achievement.
11 The only major American military intervention was the participation of US marines in a Western intervention force that suppressed the Boxer rebellion of 1900/1901, a violent anti-Western and anti-Christian movement.
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15 Thanks are expressed for the help of Prof. Steven Popper, Professor of S&T Policy, The Rand Corporation, and Prof. (ret.) Ron Atlas, Univ. of Louisville, Kentucky who was for many years involved in US Federal S&T policy.
16 In 2016 China prohibited public religious celebrations of a small Chinese community claiming Jewish ancestry in Kaifeng. They depended for decades on spiritual and financial help from American Jews which may have sealed their fate. They are innocent victims of a general sweep against foreign beliefs. Israel’s Embassy and China’s Chabad rabbis do not recognize them.
17 As the relevant documents remain classified in all three countries, it is not known who paid the estimated 3,5 billion Dollars for this transfer. Source: Prof. Yitzchak Shichor.
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