Antisemitism and De-Legitimization

The International De-Legitimization Campaign Against Israel

This report offers an integrative analysis of the international campaign to de-legitimize the State of Israel. The paper identifies the dynamics at the interface between blackening Israel’s image generally and denying its very legitimacy as the nation-state of the Jewish people. Therefore, there is a need to distinguish as much as possible between these two close yet different spheres and to develop an appropriate strategy and toolkit for each of them, targeting different audiences.

Although the international de-legitimization campaign has not succeeded in creating a strategic impact on Israel and the Jewish people, it has somewhat poisoned the atmosphere around Israel in certain parts of the West and beyond, and could do further damage. This report recommends relating to the international de-legitimization campaign as a strategic threat in the long run, especially for as long as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – its main fuel – remains unresolved. Accordingly, the preparation and implementation of a coherent counter-strategy is imperative. This paper offers the Government of Israel and major Diaspora Jewish organizations key policy guidelines for developing such a strategy.