Antisemitism and De-Legitimization

The International De-Legitimization Campaign Against Israel

  1. This is the significance of the stated goals of the BDS movement according to its founding platform from 2005: ending the “Israeli colonization” of “all Arab lands,” recognizing equal rights for Israel’s Arabs and defending the “right of return” for all Palestinian refugees, meaning that they return to their homes and properties in today’s Israel.
    This definition was later adopted by the U.S. State Department.
  3. Israel’s Ministry of diaspora released (January 21, 2018) a report portraying a worrying picture of anti-Semitism in Europe and noting the inter-connection between expressions of anti-Semitism and de-legitimization.
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  6. See, for example
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  8. The issue of enhancing public relations efforts and Israel’s Hasbara system is not the subject of this paper and deserves a separate discussion.
  9. In the meantime, Israel’s Strategic Affairs Ministry produced a list of senior activists of some twenty international organizations actively promoting BDS, mostly from Europe and the US, whose entry to Israel would be prevented. The list of organizations was made public. The very publicity drew some criticism as it was claimed that it inadvertently allows the BDS movements to portray themselves as a symbol of values such as free speech and democracy, even though they do not espouse them at all.
  10. The Israel Anti-Boycott Act and The Combatting BDS Act of 2017
  11. For example, over the last year bank accounts of BDS elements have been closed in the United States (Comerica), Germany (Commerzbank), the UK (Co-op Bank), and Ireland (Bank of Ireland). In January 2018, the deputy mayor of the city of Frnakfurt announced that the municipal government will end all commerce relations with banks that conduct business with organizations supporting BDS against Israel.