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The Growth of the Haredi Communities in the Diaspora

9 Everyone can learn from someone else. (If you self-identify as Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist or other) What do you think you might learn from Orthodox Jews?

    • What are areas of common interests that cross different denominations
    • Specifics about deeper Jewish observance ; prayer; strict devotion to ritual observance
    • Concerns that prevent greater community involvement
    • Textual study; common thoughts inner israel and the sustainability of the Jewish people.
    • Jewish literacy
    • modern orthodox who grew up in a secular home. lots to learn.
    • Strong community values
    • A lot.
    • Incredible networks of care for those in need would love to learn more and collaborate!
    • Religious pride, more aggressive support/promotion of progressive values.
    • Gmilut Chassadim, the importance of having Jewish grandchildren, outreach and how to attract adherents
    • another way of thinking about judaism
    • dedication to serious jewish education continuity and generational involvement
    • new learning
    • their sense of community. the orthodox admirably take care of one another in times of crisis. also, aspects of jewish education
    • Their tzeddakah practices
    • Nothing special, but they are Jews, and we should all learn from each other
    • Traditions expressions and practices of Jewish life. More similarities Han differences a d reasons
    • I have a lot to learn and would like to understand their perspective on the future of the Jewish people
    • Values, ethics and the benefits of a Torah life v
    • How we can work together to strengthen the Jewish People
    • This question requires a much larger space for discussing this topic. We have much to learn from each other if carefully constructed open non judgmental dialogue can take place. Resources can be allowcated for cross denominational conversations.
    • Understanding of how daily religious practices influence contemporary living
    • Understand their practices
    • Different perspective and worldview than my own
    • The beauty of our traditions
    • Perspective and their JEWISH lens
    • Conservative
    • Tradition
    • More about the religion itself
    • I think we can learn about how to keep our community engaged and different educational topics.
    • We might learn more about them in terms of how they are similar to us and not just different.
    • Traditional Jewish values and rituals that were eroded or faded for the sake of assimilation but should not be lost or forgotten.
    • Jewish law
    • Engagement
    • Core values. Their views
    • Opportunity to learn more about Judaism, but not demanding we accept their construct at face value
    • The meaning and relevance they find in Jewish practice and observance and how we can learn from that to improve our lives and have a happier community.
    • Prioritizing religion as the core of Jewish identity
    • They seem excel at broad community engagement and support.