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Amb. Ross’s First Visit to JPPI upon Returning as Co-Chair in 2012

Dear Friends,

Last week on Tuesday, January 24, Dennis Ross made his first visit to JPPI since returning as co-chair. We held a special event at the Institute at which he gave a speech on the turmoil in the Middle East and its possible impacts (Amb. Ross’ speech can be found here).  In attendance were Natan Sharansky, Chairman of JAFI (his remarks can be found here), the US Ambassador to Israel (Amb. Shapiro’s introduction can be found here) and his deputy, cabinet ministers, director-generals of ministerial departments, four former Israeli Ambassadors to the US, top academics, IDF generals, senior representatives of top Jewish organizations based in Israel, and the press.

You will find the text of my opening remarks here.

Following this event, on Wednesday, January 25, we convened two closed sessions on developments in Israeli society and the new European attitude toward Israel. Dennis also gave a master class to the group of exceptional students currently participating in our master class program. He also briefly took part in an INSS symposium.

During the rest of his three-day visit he met with President Peres, Prime Minister Netanyahu, other Israeli officials, and also had meetings on the Palestinian side.

He was interviewed on Channel 2’s prime time Friday night magazine show on Iran and the peace process (insert link here).

I want to warmly thank Dennis for accepting Stu Eizenstat’s proposal that he join him as co-chair. With Stu and Dennis together with Leonid Nevzlin as associate chair, with such leadership, I am sure that we will be able to bring JPPI to its next stage of deep strategic thinking and policy planning for enhancing the Jewish civilization – with Israel at its core.

I also want to extend my personal thanks, once again, to Stu for his great and continuing contributions to the Institute, for his leadership over the past three years and for his new book, 21st Century Global Forces: Their Impacts on the Jewish People, Israel and the United States, the culmination of the Institute project he began in 2008. Copies are available upon request.

With all best wishes,

Avinoam Bar-Yosef

President and Founding Director