Jerusalem and the Jewish People: Unity and Division – Interim Report

The 2017 Dialogue process took place from January to April of 2017 in dozens of Jewish gatherings around the world. Participants were asked to read a short background paper and attend a discussion seminar of 90-120 minutes. The following were part of each seminar: a short presentation about Jerusalem’s current situation; a survey all participants were asked to complete, from which JPPI derived data on what participants believe about all of the above-mentioned questions; a moderated discussion about the future of Jerusalem. Participants were presented with certain challenges and asked to respond to them, and in so doing clarified their nuanced positions on Jerusalem’s current image, Jerusalem’s political future, Jerusalem’s cultural and Jewish character, and the role of world Jewry in crafting its future.

Naturally, conclusions drawn from the seminars, the survey, and the background materials should take into account the context in which the seminars were held, and to clarify what they can accomplish, and what they cannot.