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Jewish Values and Israel’s Use of Force in Armed Conflict: Perspectives from World Jewry

• Despite their awareness that only Israeli citizens can decide issues related to Israeli security, Diaspora Jews want to be consulted and have their opinions taken into consideration, even on these sensitive topics, as they feel that Israeli security policy directly affects their lives.

• This demand that Israel consult them is even more prevalent among younger Diaspora Jews.

• There are many other issues of concern to Diaspora Jews beside security, and they have a long litany of complaints about Israel’s behavior in areas that relate to them directly, such as conversion, the treatment of non-Orthodox streams of Judaism, Chief Rabbinate policy, and the like. They are also dissatisfied with “civil rights” issues, especially those related to minorities (non-Israeli minorities, such as foreign workers; non-Jewish Israeli minorities, such as the Arabs; and minorities within the Jewish community, such as the Ethiopian community).