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Roberta R. Kwall and Shmuel Rosner discuss Roberta’s soon to be published book, “Remix Judaism,” and how America liberal Jews can integrate more Judaism into their day to day lives.

Roberta R. Kwall is a law professor at DePaul university and IDC college in Israel. Kwall is an internationally renowned scholar and lecturer and has published over 30 articles on a wide variety of topics including Jewish law and culture, authorship rights and intellectual property. She is the author of several law casebooks that are used nationally as well as two monographs: “The Myth of the Cultural Jew: Culture and Law in Jewish Tradition” (Oxford U. Press, 2015) and “The Soul of Creativity” (Stanford U. Press, 2010). Currently she is working on a book for a popular audience about transmitting Jewish tradition in a diverse world.