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JPPI Podcast: Shmuel Rosner and Ksenia Svetlova discuss her book – On high heels in the Middle East, her unique experiences as a journalist and a former Knesset member, and her views on the future of the middle east.
Ksenia Svetlova is a seasoned expert and analyst on Middle Eastern issues, with unique academic and practical experience. She had covered the Middle East extensively and visited many countries in the region, including Lebanon, Syria and Libya, interviewed Palestinian leaders Yasser Arafat and Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, and many high-profile politicians in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Jordan. She speaks English, Hebrew, Russian and Arabic.
Svetlova served as a member in a committee for foreign affairs and defense during her term as Parliament member. Currently she is serving as a senior analyst at the IPS (Institute for Strategy and Policy) at the Interdisciplinary Center at Herzliya. She is also leading the department for research of ties between Israel and the Middle East at “Mitvim” think-tank for regional foreign policy.