The Growth of the Haredi Communities in the Diaspora

The Growth of the Haredi Communities in the Diaspora

JPPI’s preliminary recommendations relate to the next stage of the project: the operational or intervention stage. The project thus far has entailed a preliminary exploration of a complex  issue that will continue to unfold.  Areas that appear to be appropriate for further exploration include but are not limited to:

Community Relations and Israel Advocacy

The areas of community relations and Israel advocacy appear be amenable to substantial increases in Haredi participation.  Efforts should be undertaken  to assess  and determine if such recruitment might be welcome; how they can be most effectively designed and implemented.

Community Services and Jewish Education

Participants in various sessions indicated that there might be overlap and redundancy due to the existence of family and community services in both Haredi and general Jewish communities. Where appropriate, local communities should set up task forces composed of federation and Haredi community activists and volunteers to examine where family services and other community programs can be pooled and where redundancy can be reduced.

Public Service, Professional Development

National Jewish organizations and philanthropic agencies and individuals should examine ways that gifted Haredi individuals can enter public service positions in both domestic and foreign policy areas. These could include special professional development and mentoring programs

All further exploration of intervention steps must include constant consultation and dialogue with the relevant Orthodox and Haredi leaders.