Conference: A Jewish State – 75 Perspectives

The launch event for the English edition of JPPI’s book A Jewish State – 75 Perspectives  took place on Monday, September 4, 2023, with the participation of  public leaders, essay authors, and JPPI researchers.

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Conference: A Jewish State – 75 Perspectives

JPPI’s Co-Chairs Dennis Ross and Stuart Eizenstat, board member Elliott Abrams, and former diplomat and IDF spokesperson Ruth Yaron were in agreement that Israel’s geopolitical landscape was generally positive, with the exception of Iran, but noted that the current deep polarization plaguing Israel internally is a threat.

Ambassador Dennis Ross, Co-Chair of JPPI’s Executive Board said, “The Jewish community in the United States is affected by what is happening in Israel. There is concern and unease surrounding the polarization in Israel but no fundamental divide. Israel is still seen as the only democracy in the Middle East.”

Referring to a possible agreement with Saudi Arabia, Ross said “I am optimistic about the possibility of normalizing relations with Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia will make improvement of the Palestinian situation a condition of any agreement with Israel; they will do so whether or not they differ from the agreement reached with the Emirates, which ignored the Palestinians. The Palestinian issue will be a challenge for the Israeli government, but I must admit that there is hope that it will allow the Israeli government to recalculate a course for solving the Palestinian problem.”

JPPI’s other Co-Chair, Ambassador Stuart Eizenstat, said, “We need to see ourselves as the state of the Jewish people, as one family with a common destiny. Changing the Law of Return would be a terrible mistake. If it passes, it will change the relationship between the Diaspora and Israel, which is already on unstable ground.”

Referring to the Saudi issue, Eizenstat said, “The Saudi deal will end the conflict in the Middle East. The Saudis are the guardians of Mecca and Medina, their recognition of the State of Israel would be an enormous achievement that is worth the sacrifices.”

At the conference, Abrams claimed: “Half of U.S. Jews have never been to Israel, should those Jews have the right to be represented in Israel’s internal decisions? This is impractical. Israel has solved its major security problems with one major exception: Iran. I very much hope to see the collapse of the Islamic Republic. If this happens, the Mideast will become a much more peaceful place.”