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When the government believes its own slogans the country’s in trouble

A Public Yom Kippur

Back from Berlin where every day was Holocaust Remembrance Day

The Blessing of Unity

On Freedom

And the One Who Does Not Know How to Ask

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Climate action in Israel as a bridge for Jewish peoplehood

Elect judges, not party loyalists

Why won’t Sally Rooney allow her latest novel to be translated into Hebrew by an Israeli publisher?

Don’t Give Up on the Two-State Solution

Presentation of the 2019 Annual Assessment Executive Summary to Israeli Cabinet

Politico Interview with Amb. Stuart E. Eizenstat, JPPI Co-Chair

We’re Staunch Zionists. And We Are Worried About Israel’s Democracy

When diaspora Jews speak, do Israelis listen?

Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu’s landmark visit to India

JBS: Pluralism in Israel

French Election: Fillon May Have Lost in France, but He Won in Israel

Most Israeli Arabs Wouldn’t Live With Jews but Want Their Children to Study With Them, Study Says

JPPI Survey: Israeli Jews and Arabs Happy to Live in Israel, Just Not Together

Rising nationalism vs globalization 
and how it affects the Jews

New JPPI Report: Jewish Community Undergoes Radial Change

Drop in French Jews’ immigration to Israel ends record-setting boom

Soldiers perceived to contribute most to the success of Israel

New Western Wall Prayer Space Highlights Wider Divide Among Jews

Q&A Shlomo Fischer: Some settlers think they’re above the law

Global Jewish Population Almost as Big as Before the Holocaust

Israeli, US Jewish leaders discuss Jewish solidarity in polarization times

Think Tank Prepares Aliyah Plan for 120,000 French Jews

Israeli Cabinet Approves Nationality Bill

How DNA testing can reveal Jewish ancestry and bolster the Zionist narrative