Annual Assessment: The Situation and Dynamics of the Jewish People in 2023

The Jewish People Policy Institute’s Annual Assessment plays both a summing-up and a forward-looking role. On the one hand, each year it examines events and developments that had an impact on the State of Israel and on the Jewish world. On the other hand, it monitors important trends to influence their direction, in order to improve the situation of Israel and of Jewish communities around the world.


A comprehensive study examines the attitudes of Jews in Israel regarding the question “Who is a Jew?”

2030: Alternative Futures for the Jewish People

2030: Alternative Futures for the Jewish People, led by Ambassador Avi Gil and Dr. Einat Wilf , represents the efforts of the entire staff over the last six years under the guidance of Professor Yehezkel Dror, to confront the main challenges likely to face the Jewish People in the next 20 years. Together with JPPI’s Annual Assessments and other strategic…

2012-2013 Annual Assessment

Of all JPPI’s many activities and publications, its Annual Assessments are particularly significant. Not only do they provide an invaluable yearly snapshot of the situation and dynamics of the Jewish people, they also present a coherent, comprehensive set of policy recommendations that address current needs and, if properly heeded, could help pave the way forward. Once again, this year’s assessment…

2004 Annual Assessment

The future of the Jewish people is not assured, though there are great opportunities for thriving. To succeed, large resources, judicious coping with critical decisions and careful crafting of long-term grand-policies are needed. Read the full paper: 2004 Annual Assessment

2005 Annual Assessment

The 2005 Annual Assessment Executive Report: “Facing a Rapidly Changing World” provides an updated view of the challenges, threats, and opportunities confronting the Jewish People. JPPPI proposes a strategic agenda for Jewish organizations and the Government of Israel for the coming year. Project Heads: Prof. Sergio DellaPergola, Prof. Yehezkel Dror, and Dr. Shalom Solomon Wald. Read the full study: 2005…

2006 Annual Assessment

The 2006 Annual Assessment is designed to outline and evaluate the state and dynamics of the world Jewry from multiple perspectives and to assess anticipated changes in the future. Its objective is to prepare a comprehensive and multi-dimensional annual overview that is revised to reflect trends and changes in the situation and dynamics affecting the Jewish people. This comprehensive qualitative…

2007 Annual Assessment

The 2007 Annual Assessment

2008 Annual Assessment

The 2008 Annual assessment — the fifth annual assessment — follows in the footsteps of its predecessors. Its overview of the preceding year in terms of geo-political, economic, social, and political developments internationally and in the Diaspora and in Israel is well done and insightful. Not surprisingly, it addresses the growth of Iranian leverage in the Middle East, the divisions…

2009 Annual Assessment

The 2009 JPPI Assessment takes a trenchant and wide-ranging look at the implications of the global 6nancial crisis and the “Great Recession” on the Jewish world and Israel. For the 2009 Annual Assessment