Jewish history shows the dire consequences – the loss of sovereignty – visited upon the Jewish people due to internal disputes. Unfortunately, the lack of cohesion is a significant feature of Jewish life even today. The disputes between Israelis among themselves and between them and the Jews of the Diaspora come with a heavy price that could amount to a lasting erosion of national resilience. We, at the Jewish People Policy Institute, believe that the preservation and prosperity of the Jewish people in our generation depends on our ability to act in the spirit of mutual responsibility and identity partnership despite the controversies. We intend to develop strategies, policies, and tools for intervention to thwart the centrifugal forces that distance Jews from one another in Israel and the Diaspora. The opening article of this newsletter presents the arena of internal Israeli controversy. I hope you have an enjoyable read.


Prof. Yedidia Stern




From Tribalism to Cohesion, and the Israeli Cultural War

Prof. Yedidia Stern

Israeli cohesion is, very likely, the best remedy we can offer for reinforcing our relationship with our brethren overseas: Jewish cohesion. 


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The US has Found Itself Mired in Muck and Blood Only Because of Utopian Visions of Democracy

Shmuel Rosner

Americans think that 20 years after 9/11, the time has come to quietly retire from its post as global policeman. It is doubtful whether it can be realized.


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Beyond Naming and Shaming: New Strategies Needed to Combat Antisemitism

Dr. John Ruskay

In contextualizing the growth of antisemitism in the larger context of intensified racism and hate, we communicate the readiness of Jewish leadership to join with other ethnic and religious groups to heal the social fabric of America.


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The Secular in Israel Must Enter the Jewish Arena

Dr. Shuki Friedman

In the current equation, the religious and the Haredim are “responsible” for defining what is “Jewish” in the Jewish state, and the secular and the religious alike quarrel over the meaning of “democracy.” This is a fundamentally distorted equation.


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In Gilboa Prison, a Glimpse of Israel’s Impending Disaster

Avi Gil

Historians will find a great variety of conceptual terms to describe the Israeli decision to ignore the Palestinian issue; “normalcy” will certainly not be among them.


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Podcast: A Short History of Christian Zionism

Shmuel Rosner and Donald M.Lewis discuss his book: “A Short History of Christian Zionism: From the Reformation to the Twenty-First Century”


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