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Israeli Society Index May 2024: Drop in National Optimism

Israeli Society Index May 2024: As country marks 76th Independence Day under the shadow of war, JPPI poll notes drop in national optimism

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Jerusalem, Israel – May 12, 2024 – The Jewish People Policy Institute (JPPI) unveils the latest report from its Diane and Guilford Glazer Information and Consulting Center’s Israeli Society Index for May 2024, offering a nuanced understanding of the evolving sociopolitical landscape in Israel.

The May 2024 Israeli Society Index reveals a marked downturn in the Israeli public’s sense of optimism, both toward the state and on an individual level.

Summary of Findings:

The Jewish People Policy Institute’s monthly Israeli Society Index shows a significant decline in the Israeli public’s sense of optimism – with regard to the state, and on a personal level – accompanied by a drop in confidence that Israel will win the war against Hamas. Trust in the government is very low, and trust in the IDF command echelon has fallen substantially. Most of the public feels that the prime minister, the minister of defense, and the IDF chief of staff should resign from their posts.

The report has three main parts. The first deals with the war and its repercussions, the second with Israelis’ sense of confidence, optimism, and trust, and the third with Jewish identity.

Additional Findings

• The main event that will signal the end of the war in the eyes of the public is when “the residents of the south and the north return home”

• Most of the public feels that “no one won, and no one lost” in the exchange of hostilities between Iran and Israel

• Israelis are almost evenly divided on whether Israel’s response to the Iranian offensive was “appropriate” or “too weak”

• A third of Israeli Jews feel that President Biden does not support Israel; most Arabs feel that Biden’s support for Israel has not eroded

• A third of Israeli Jews are not sure it would be best for their children/grandchildren to live in Israel

• Eight of ten Israeli Jews are “somewhat” or “very” concerned about the anti-Israel demonstrations on US campuses

• Seven out of ten Jews are “somewhat” or “very” concerned that the West will regard Israel as a “pariah state”

• A large majority of Jews agree with the assertion that the Jews are a “chosen people,” but most secular Jews reject the idea.

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