The Jewish People Policy Institute (JPPI) is an independent center of thought and planning for shaping strategy and action-oriented policy for the Jewish people, in Israel and the Diaspora. JPPI’s core objectives are to ensure the continuity and prospering of the Jewish people; to preserve and cultivate pluralistic Jewish identity as a culture, nation, and religion; and, in the spirit of peoplehood, to bolster cohesion in Israel, among Diaspora Jews, and between Israel and the Diaspora.

JPPI’s activities are action-oriented, placing special emphasis on identifying critical options and analyzing their potential impact on the future. To this end, the Institute works towards developing professional strategic and long-term policy perspectives exploring key factors that may endanger or enhance the future of the Jewish People.

JPPI provides professionals, decision makers and global leaders with:

– Surveys and analyses of key situations and dynamics

– “Alerts” to emerging opportunities and threats

– Assessment of important current events and anticipated developments

– Strategic action options and innovative alternatives

– Policy option analysis

– Agenda setting, policy recommendations and work plan design

JPPI is unique in dealing with the future of the Jewish People as a whole within a methodological framework of study and policy development. Its independence is assured by its company articles, with a board of directors co-chaired by Ambassadors Stuart Eizenstat and Dennis Ross, and composed of persons with significant policy experience. The board of directors also serves as the Institute’s professional guiding council.