Israel-Diaspora Relations

The State of Israel, the Diaspora, and the Nation-State Law

Project Heads: Shlomo Fischer | John Ruskay Coordinator: Adar Schieber Editor: Barry Geltman
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New Subjects in the Field

Israelis need to change their relationship to Diaspora Jewry

Israel’s Elections Reawaken U.S. Jews’ Trauma

Is Evangelical Support for Israel Really Unequivocal?

Despite the Gloomy Headlines, American Jewry has Grown in Size

Is the Future of European Jewry in Danger?

The Pew 2020 survey in the context of demographic studies, and US Jewry in the global Jewish context

Israel Advocacy and Israel Education — Leadership Must Decide

The 2021 Israel Pluralism Index: Consensus and Disagreements

Integrated Index: Polarization in Israel and US Jewry

Israeli And Diaspora Jews: ‘We Are Siblings, Not Cousins’

We’re Staunch Zionists. And We Are Worried About Israel’s Democracy

70 Years of Israel-Diaspora Relations: The Next Generation

An Integrated Jewish World Response to Israel’s Migrant Challenge

Putting the Kotel Decision in Context – Implications and Steps Forward

Op-Ed: Putting the Kotel Decision in Context

What JPPI’s 2017 Global Jewish Dialogue on Jerusalem Teaches us about the Kotel Crisis

Love and Identity: A Personal Story of a JPPI Senior Partner

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Address to JPPI Conference

Israel’s Standing in the West: PR , Policy or Substance

French Aliyah: Governmental Efforts and Recommendations

Drop in French Jews’ immigration to Israel ends record-setting boom

New Western Wall Prayer Space Highlights Wider Divide Among Jews

Jewish Solidarity In an Age of Polarization

JPPI’s Emergency Plan for French Aliyah

Think Tank Prepares Aliyah Plan for 120,000 French Jews

Op-Ed: Fear-mongering and Jewish Peoplehood

Israel-Diaspora Relations

Bonds Within and Between Communities

Diaspora Communities

Crowd Sourced Genealogy and Direct-to-Consumer DNA Testing: Implications for the Jewish People

On Israelis Abroad

Preliminary Findings – Jewish and Democratic: Perspectives from World Jewry

The Challenge of Peoplehood: Strengthening the Attachment of Young American Jews to Israel in the Time of the Distancing Discourse

Bernard-Henri Lévy at JPPI’s 2012 Conference

Strengthening Jewish-Israeli Identity of Israelis Abroad

The Jews of France in 2030

Steve J. Rosen – France-Israel Relationship

Rethinking Peoplehood and Israel-Diaspora Relations

A Permanent Agreement: The Jewish Dimension

Debating Religion and State and “Distancing”

Dr. Richard Prasquier – Challenges Facing French Jewry

Background: Rethinking Israel-Diaspora Relations

Background: Mideast Peace, the Jewish Dimension


Researchers Team

Maj. (Res) Dan Feferman
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Dan Feferman recently completed his service with the IDF at the rank of major. For nearly a decade Dan served as a foreign policy and national security analyst and advisor to the General Staff, focusing on US-Israel strategic relations, as a special assistant to the Deputy Chief of the General Staff, and as a commander in an elite intelligence unit within the IDF’s Research and Analysis Division, where he continues to serve in reserve duty. Through his various positions, Dan has been closely involved in Israel’s most pressing strategic defense and political issues.

Dan also consults, lectures and writes on foreign policy, defense and intelligence matters .

Prior to his military service, Dan completed an MA in National Security Studies from Tel Aviv University and a BA in International Politics and Middle East Studies from the School of International Service, at the American University, Washington DC, both with honors. Dan also completed a prestigious internship at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

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Putting the Kotel Decision in Context – Implications and Steps Forward


Op-Ed: Putting the Kotel Decision in Context


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