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Israel is in danger from a radicalized Center

The radicalization of the center could crush the Israeli backbone. If it spreads it could reach a critical mass and bring an end to Israeli-ness as we know it.

Israel – from adolescence to adulthood

The actual collective picture is better than the image Israelis have of themselves. Still, the identity crisis casts its shadows on Israel’s sovereign existence, and its gravity should not be downplayed.

The logic of Peres

Sooner or later Israel will discover that the future of its integration in the new Middle East remains dependent on a viable Israeli-Palestinian settlement.

How I Got Israel Wrong

A crisis such as the one we are going through in Israel is an opportunity for self-examination and soul-searching. I tended to believe that pragmatism would always win the day. I was wrong.

Restoring the covenant of fate

If we wisely gird ourselves with constitutional arrangements on the rules of the game commonly accepted in liberal democracies, we will be able to restore our covenant of fate.

The State of the Jews writ large

As a senior US government official under Carter, I tried to synthesize policy in ways that strengthened the US-Israel relationship

What Israel Means to Me

The Jewish state must remain democratic and pluralistic. To be Jewish but not democratic is an inherent contradiction

Israel is dodging the ultra-Orthodox question

While outrage has surrounded the timing of the proposed Basic Law: Torah Study, Israeli society should also ask itself about the law’s ideological motives

Israeli settlers, ultra-Orthodox will pay for trampling over Israel

If they don’t rethink a new course, they will find themselves facing a majority that will stop supporting their continued prosperity, and perhaps their very existence.

The Saudi Plan of Shimon Peres

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of one of our prominent statesmen, the former Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs writes about how he thinks Shimon Peres would have forged a normalization agreement with Saudi Arabia.