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Is the Future of European Jewry in Danger?

Is the Future of European Jewry in Danger?

Iran as a Challenge to the Jerusalem-Washington-American Jewry Triangle

The Pew 2020 survey in the context of demographic studies, and US Jewry in the global Jewish context

Israel-Diaspora Relations and the Pew Report

One, Two, or Three Jewish Identities among Jewish Americans?

The 2021 Arab Israeli Riots and their Consequences

Israel’s confrontation with Hamas is a strategic wake-up call

Was the Coronavirus Year Really One of Deepening Polarization?

Jewish Families Project

Climate Change and the Jewish Question

Why is it so Hard to Order Religion and State Relations in Israel?

The Haredim: What Was Is Not What Will Be

The downside of Blinken’s encouraging confirmation hearing – opinion

Trump’s defeat ends the Israeli right’s long celebration

On Israel-Palestine, Biden Is Not Just Another Version of Obama

Must Israel ‘support Washington to face down Beijing?’ – analysis

No substitute for Oslo and the ‘new Middle East’ – opinion

Ultra-Orthodox Non-Compliance Rests on Fear

At the Crossroads: The Ultra-Orthodox Community and Israeli Society

From Politics to a Holy War

Cries of Protest vs. Cries of Prayer

Israeli Tribalism Will Be the Death of Us

On Induction Cookers, Non-Jews and God

Applying Israeli sovereignty: It’s now or never – opinion

The State of Tel Aviv is Founded

Another Unnecessary War of the Jews

Don’t Manage a Crisis under Threat of Investigation

Our Jewish Solidarity is Eroding

Rabbis in Politics—A Disaster for Both

The Chief Rabbinate of Israel vs. the Jews

The Decade in Review: Religion and State

Jewish or Democratic? We Mustn’t Choose Between Them

Solidarity is a Must for the Survival of the Jewish people

Is Israel like Iran? Hardly

Jewish Identity is Highly Explosive: Handle with Care

DNA Tests for Jewishness

The Liberal-Democratic Camp Will Keep on Losing Elections

The Jewish Home Has Forgotten What It Means To Be Jewish


Israeli And Diaspora Jews: ‘We Are Siblings, Not Cousins’

When the Government Provides Religious Services

Two Democracies for Two Peoples

The new (literary) engagement with Israel

Faith and the City

We’re Staunch Zionists. And We Are Worried About Israel’s Democracy

Is it time to do away with Tisha B’Av?

The Nation State Bill is a Constitutional Abandonment of Diaspora Jewry

Will Netanyahu Surrender to the Annexation Camp?

How Much Should Jewish Law Control the Jewish State?

Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu’s landmark visit to India

From Peoplehood to Brotherhood

Two Jewish Nations and the Abyss Between Them

Religion Can Be the Bridge Linking Jews and Muslims

Religion and State in Israel: Charting a New Course for 5778

This Yom Kippur, Let’s Turn Down the Volume

Memories of an Anti-Semitic State Department

Is the Chief Rabbinate’s Monopoly on Kashrut Over?

What remains of the religious status quo?

Op-Ed: Putting the Kotel Decision in Context

Israel’s ‘Status Quo’ On Religion Is In Chaos

Op-Ed: Red Lines Belong to the People

Battling Over Equality

Op-Ed: When Craziness Makes Sense

Personal Holocaust, Personal Responsibility

Op-Ed: Criticism of Israel is not Anti-Semitic – But it Quickly Leads There

Passover: Nationalism, Freedom and Humanism

Op-Ed: Intel, Mobileye, and the Coming Technological Revolution

Op-Ed: Shifts in the West: Impacts on Israel and the Jewish People

Love and Identity: A Personal Story of a JPPI Senior Partner

Op-Ed: Why Anti-BDS Legislation is Important… But Ultimately Limited

Op-Ed: The Trump Win: Hoping for a Strong America to Advance a Peace Initiative

How To Prevent A Religious Civil War From Consuming Western Europe

Rosh Hashanah Resolution

Israel’s Tragedy: One Country, Separate School Systems

Clinton Could Have Clout Over Israel

A Holy War Over Israel’s Character

Op-Ed: Natan Sharansky on the late Elie Wiesel

The ‘Religionization’ of Israel is Troubling, but the Fears About it are Hysterical

An Israeli Shabbat

One Judaism, Two Nations

Op-Ed in WSJ: The Improbable Happiness of Israelis

Op-Ed: BDS Is Not The Answer

Israel’s New Conversion Laws Give Power to the People

Op-Ed: A lesson from 1980

Op-Ed: Understanding Pew- Factoring in Israeli culture

Op-Ed: The Truth from the U.S.

‘Jewish and Democratic’ Even in Tough Times

Op-Ed: The New Jewish Underground

The End of the Chief Rabbinate?

Keeping Kosher: By Faith, Not By Force

Op-Ed: Securing an Acceptable Iran Deal in the Long Run

An Open Letter to the New Minister of Religious Services

Op-Ed: Best of Luck to Rivlin

Op-Ed: A Speech and a Wake-Up Call

Op-Ed: Democratic Crisis or Jewish Catastrophe?

Op-Ed: Fear-mongering and Jewish Peoplehood

Op-Ed: Remembering Jack Kay, ‘A Giant in the Jewish World’

Op-Ed: Israel Is a Victim of Turkey’s Transformation

Op-Ed: The Morning After

Op-Ed: Debasing a Foundational Idea