Israel’s Achilles’ Heel

As the war in Israel continues, will the country be able to achieve its two goals of defeating Hamas and releasing all the hostages?

New Poll: 78% of Israeli Jews believe they will be victorious in war

Priority given to overthrowing Hamas as the main goal of the war
Swords of Iron

Thank you, American Jewish community

One of the crises roiling Israel in recent years is the chasm that has gradually opened up between it and American Jewry – the world’s largest Diaspora community.
Swords of Iron
Swords of Iron

All Israelis are hostages

 Negotiating with terrorists breeds terrorism, but a tough, focused, sustained war against Hamas, backed by America and the West, can free the rest of the world from the terrorist organization
Swords of Iron

The haredi needle isn’t moving 

Only imposed change can achieve integration of the ultra-Orthodox community into Israeli society.

The Genesis War

This war requires a name rooted in Jewishness – and, after victory, one that calls us to correct course and start again from the beginning
Swords of Iron

Israel may soon experience a political shock amid Gaza war

Israel’s war with Hamas is reinforcing Palestinian support for a one-state solution, compelling Israel to grant them equal political rights
Swords of Iron

A Jewish state, if you can keep it

Zionism bestowed both a blessing and a curse. It blessed the Jews with responsibility, and it cursed them with responsibility. This sentiment speaks to our current dilemma.

Fighting for your career instead of against Hamas

 Following the October 7 massacre, the question of who should be held accountable remains. We must be vigilant as reports come out about who received a warning before the attack

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