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Biden Middle East Trip: Where National Polarization Meets Party Polarization

Bipartisan congressional support for Israel is eroding and being replaced by political barbs that use Israel a weapon to score political points.

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A Fight for the Right to Poverty and Ignorance

Israel’s ultra-Orthodox leaders are waging a war of attrition on state oversight of schools, perpetuating ignorance and endangering the country’s future.

Annual Assessment

The Jewish People – An Assessment

The State of Israel must take the leading role in preparing and implementing a strategic plan for shaping the future of the Jewish people in the Diaspora in an era…

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US Ponders Agonizing Handshake in Saudi Arabia It Wants to Avoid

Biden’s expected visit to Saudi Arabia shows that even a great power cannot be guided by moral considerations alone. How is Israel struggling with this dilemma?

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Israel’s Coalition Didn’t Fail. It Set a New Bar

Whatever happens, a once unthinkable coalition created just over 365 days ago opened the gate to a new and thrilling possibility of cooperation. A dam has broken.

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Israel’s Elections Reawaken U.S. Jews’ Trauma

While many Israelis dismissed ‘government for change’ as nothing more than a marketing stunt, most U.S. Jews welcomed what they considered a major change.

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The Rise of the French Anti-System Parties: Implications for European Jewry

The extremist blocs now flanking President Emanuel Macron’s party disagree on nearly everything, but they are both angry – and neither bodes well for the Jews.

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Is Evangelical Support for Israel Really Unequivocal?

Evangelical Christian Zionism and support for Israel is a multi-layered phenomenon that cannot be taken for granted.