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The BDS Pound of Flesh

Using lies and social pressure to force students to disavow Israel is a strategy aimed at raising the psychic and professional cost of being Jewish

Opinion Articles

The Israeli government must cooperate with J Street

On the issue of the Iranian nuclear threat, J Street may prove to be a particularly effective partner for Israel.

The Pluralism in Israel Project

Shared Spaces, Challenging Spaces: What the findings of JPPI’s 2022 Pluralism Index survey reveal

The 2022 Pluralism Index The survey that forms the basis of the Jewish People Policy Institute’s Pluralism Index was conducted this year when Israel and the world were (and still…

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Back from Berlin where every day was Holocaust Remembrance Day

Wherever we went, my husband – Israel’s ambassador to Germany – and I, daughter of Shoah survivors, would encounter memorials

Mission impossible? Recovering Israel-American Jewish relations

Can we recover the bonds between the US Jewish community and Israeli Jews that characterized the first fifty years after Israel’s founding? The answer, frankly, is no. We must forge…

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s visit to Israel reopens the question: Who was America’s best secretary of state?

It is interesting to review the list of outstanding secretaries of state and see how almost every one of them had to deal with Russia. Only a few managed not…

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The Blessing of Unity

”And it is this that has stood [V’hi she-amda] by our ancestors and us! For not only one (enemy) has risen up against us to destroy us, but in every…

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On Freedom

Each year, nine out of ten Jews in Israel sit around a Seder table and recount the Exodus from Egypt. An event that occurred 3,500 years ago continues to ignite…