Jewish Peoplehood

Following on the heels of its successful course on Israeli Identity, JPPI is now developing a new online course on Peoplehood.

The course will be a 13-part online, credit-worthy, academic course, at the university level, created by leading professors and educators. It takes on the challenging questions of what “peoplehood” means to young Israelis in particular, and to Jews more generally. Without retelling the history of the Jewish people, the course will explore the changing understandings of peoplehood and Jewish identity, while also exploring the significance of belonging to any people – and this people in particular – psychologically, sociologically, ideologically, existentially, and practically. We are just starting this initiative, developing topics and questions, inviting colleagues to join, and preparing a focus group of young Israelis so we have a sense of what their starting assumptions — and blindspots — are, from the start.

The leaders of the project: Prof. Gil Troy, Dr. Nurit Cohen