The Future of Interfaith Dialogue in the Wake of the October 7

The prospect of sustainable interfaith dialogue among Jews, Christians, and Muslims holds profound implications for societal cohesion and peace. Following the events of October 7 in Israel, the response of interfaith groups is crucial for understanding the resilience of such dialogues.

This proposal aims to first map the various initiatives of interfaith dialogue among Jews and other monotheistic religions in Israel, Europe, and the United States. Despite the widespread development and scope of interfaith dialogue globally and within the Jewish community, there has never been a comprehensive mapping of this phenomenon. This research will, therefore, develop a significant and first-of-its-kind database on the phenomenon. After this initial mapping, the research will focus on the reactions of some key interfaith groups in Israel, Europe, and the United States to these events and evaluate the effectiveness and focus of interfaith dialogues.

Project head: Ghila Amati