Jerusalem Post editorial in support of JPPI’s campaign

The editorial published by the Jerusalem Post on Tuesday this week did not remain indifferent to the campaign led by the Jewish People Policy Institute calling for compromise over the controversial judicial reform package advanced by the government.

“The voices calling for a compromise – or even a freeze – in the sweeping judicial overhaul proposal initiated by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government are growing at a rate commensurate with the realization that the bill, as it stands now, is so divisive and problematic that it could cause an irreparable fracture in the country”, written in the editorial.

Later in the editorial, the campaign led by JPPI was noted.
“The Jewish People Policy Institute (JPPI) – led by Prof. Yedidia Stern – launched a media campaign on Sunday under the slogan, ‘No to coercion and violence, yes to dialogue,’ calling for Israel’s leaders to reach a compromise”.

It was also mentioned that the institute’s data “shows that there is a real concern in Israel over outbreaks of violence and a potential civil war over the reform. However, a window had also opened for politicians and other public figures to come together and begin a process of converging toward compromise.”

“The Israeli public is very concerned about civil war, and each of us is responsible to prevent it,” Prof. Stern stated.

It concluded: “Given that sentiment and the increasing calls for dialogue and compromise from all facets of Israeli society, the outright rejection by Netanyahu’s coalition signifies that their lofty claims of acting for the will of the people are a hollow and a flimsy facade for their real interest: taking total control of the judiciary and making Israel less democratic.”

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