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Jewish Demographic Policies

The JPPI’s new, action-oriented book “Jewish Demographic Policies: Population Trends and Options in Israel and in the Diaspora” makes recommendations to meet the current Jewish demographic challenges, all of which are worthy of serious debate. Among the main recommendations: establishing final borders of the State of Israel; facilitating cultural absorption of non-Jewish members of Jewish households into a Jewish context and promoting a friendlier approach to conversion; assisting with the return of Israelis abroad; the granting of absentee voting privileges for Israelis temporarily living abroad; and reducing obstacles that interfere with the birth of a third and fourth child in Israeli families and developing conditions that may facilitate Jewish family growth in both Israel and the Diaspora.

In this important book, DellaPergola presents the Jewish world with the imperative of putting demographic and population data at the forefront of consideration and policy making. “Jewish Population Policies” will offer the broadest possible outlook on Jewish demography and Jewish peoplehood to date, now being published for the first time in this book. The changing numbers and geography of the Jewish people, the Jewish birthrate, migration to and from Israel and in the major Diaspora communities, assimilation and intermarriage, conversion, and the maintaining of Jewish identification are all investigated, understood, and translated into a platform for policy action.

The full PDF version is available here: Jewish Demographic Policies