Mega-Trends and the Jewish People

The Jewish people and the State of Israel are, on one level, in the strongest, most secure position in Jewish history, a genuine golden age.

It is in this position of seeming strength that world Jewry and Israel confront these Mega-Trends. The external challenges they present are all daunting–the rise of radical Islamic non-state actors, several poised on Israel’s northern and southern borders, supported by a radical Islamic theocracy, Iran, bent on Israel’s destruction and the disruption of any peace agreement with the Palestinians; efforts to de-legitimize the Jewish state; and political isolation over its control of the West Bank. But unlike past Jewish history, in which Jews were weak, at the mercy of powerful rulers, and generally isolated, these and other challenges are part of the Mega-Trends that impact not only a much stronger Israel and Diaspora, but the United States, Europe, and many moderate Muslim states as well.

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