Muslim Anti-Semitism

This position paper, initially published in 2009, aims to outline and analyze the phenomenon of anti-Jewish sentiment within the Muslim world. It underscores the inherent dangers associated with this sentiment and proposes strategies for its prevention and mitigation. The paper delves into several key aspects:

1. Exploration of the historical and contemporary Islamic context, including its tangible presence, current manifestations, and the impact of both the Israeli-Arab conflict and the ongoing Muslim resurgence.

2. Evaluation of cultural dialogue as a potential means to diminish hostility and animosity.

3. Acknowledging the limitations of such dialogue, the paper delves into the underlying roots of Jew hatred, offering insights crucial for crafting an effective strategy against this phenomenon.

4. Building upon the aforementioned points, the paper puts forth potential responses to address and counteract the issue.

For the full paper about: Muslim Anti-Semitism: The Challenge and Possible Responses