Macron’s far-left allies could threaten French Jews

The condemnation of Israel is one of the far-left’s main objectives and could weaken the fight against antisemitism.

We are witnessing a disturbing phenomenon in France as President Emmanuel Macron attempts to strengthen his political position by aligning with the far-left. This move, intended to consolidate his power in Parliament and ensure the continuation of his rule, could have disastrous consequences for the Jewish community in France.

The French far-left, led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon, is known for its anti-Israeli positions and its connections to radical Islamist elements. Macron’s rapprochement with these forces could weaken the government’s current policies for combating antisemitism and protecting the Jewish community.

As in any alliance, each side negotiates for what is most important to them. For the far-left, whose constituency includes a large number of Muslims resentful of Jews and Israel, the condemnation of Israel is one of its main objectives.

Macron is a banker. His goal is to protect France from financial collapse and despite the importance he attaches to fighting antisemitism, it is likely that protecting the economy from an overly generous policy towards the poor is his first priority.

Therefore, we should expect a significant change in France’s foreign policy with respect to Israel. Macron, until now considered a friend of Israel, may adopt a more critical line to placate his new allies. Such a change could negatively affect the status of the Jewish community in France and increase its sense of isolation.

Additionally, there is concern that Macron’s rapprochement with the far-left will lead to a weakening of the fight against antisemitism and radical Islam. The far-left tends to ignore or even justify violence against Jews in the name of fighting “occupation” or “imperialism.” If the government takes this approach, it could lead to an increase in antisemitic incidents and jeopardize the security of French Jews.

It is important to note that the Jewish community in France is already suffering from a rise in antisemitism in recent years. Many of its members have chosen to emigrate—to Israel or other countries—due to a sense of insecurity. Macron’s alliance with the far-left could exacerbate this trend and lead to a new wave of emigration.

The emerging alliance between Macron and the far-left poses a significant threat to the Jewish community in France. Community leaders must be vigilant to these dangers and act firmly with the government to ensure the continued protection of the rights and security of French Jews. The international community, especially Israel, must closely monitor these developments and exert diplomatic pressure if necessary.

It is important to remember that history has taught us that when political leaders are willing to sacrifice their principles and the security of minorities for short-term political gain, the consequences can be devastating. The French public as a whole must wake up and understand the dangers inherent in Macron’s alliance with the far-left, not only for Jews but also for the values of the French Republic: liberty, equality and fraternity.