The generation that experienced the Shoah firsthand is dwindling. About half of the survivors live in poverty and need financial help. Ambassador Stuart Eizenstat, JPPI’s Co-Chair, has served as an expert adviser to the State Department on Holocaust issues under three U.S. presidents. He recently negotiated with the German government on behalf of the Claims Conference and raised an additional $767 million to assist survivors. In an interview with The New York Times, he pledged to continue his efforts as long as Holocaust survivors remain with us. Stu's leadership, dedication, talent, and accomplishments are a source of inspiration and pride to us all.


Yishar Koach, Stu!


Prof. Yedidia Stern




Germany Sets Aside an Additional $767 Million for Holocaust Survivors


The Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany, led by its longtime top negotiator Ambassador Stuart E. Eizenstat, (co-chairman of JPPI’s board) has secured an additional $767 million in benefits for Holocaust survivors.


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Why Won’t Sally Rooney Allow her Latest Novel to be Translated into Hebrew by an Israeli Publisher?

Dr. Gitit Levy-Paz

Rooney has chosen a path that is anathema to the artistic essence of literature.


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High Court Judge Selection is Critical in Israel's Culture War

Prof. Yedidia Stern

The identity of the justices to be appointed is critical to the country’s future, as the court is a key player in the Israeli culture war.


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Environmental Protection is a Jewish Matter of Life and Death

Dr. Shuki Friedman

As long as rabbis see climate issues as marginal to their religious thinking, Israel's policy will continue to neglect these critical threats to human lives.


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Who’s in Favor of the Kashrut Reform? Those Who Don’t Much Care about Kashrut

Shmuel Rosner

Good or bad, Kahana’s reform hasn’t won over its primary target audience; its supporters are actually those who don’t observe the kashrut laws.


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Bahrain Delegation Visits JPPI


Representatives from Bahrain discussed the changes that have taken place in their country in the last 20 years, both in the political arena and the cultural and social sphere. According to one of the guests: "For years we had been taught to hate Israel and all that it represents. Since the signing of the Abraham Accords, we have discovered a different Israel, and now realize how much we did not know about it.” The members of the delegation said that they were surprised by the warm treatment they received in their various encounters with the Israeli public. The members of the delegation arrived in Israel as guests of Sharaka, an organization that works to promote peaceful relations between Israelis and the Arab world. Dan Feferman, a research fellow at JPPI, is Sharaka’s Director of Communications and Global Affairs.



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