A changing of the guard is currently underway at the Jewish People Policy Institute: I have been asked to succeed Avinoam Bar-Yosef, who led JPPI for the past several years with great success.


JPPI's primary mission is to formulate a comprehensive strategy for the Jewish people, in Israel and the Diaspora. This strategy should enable us to capitalize on the major opportunities presented by the 21st century, and to cope with the significant challenges we face.


As part of our current renewal process, we are pleased to introduce the Jewish People Policy Institute's Newsletter. The Newsletter will feature articles by JPPI staff, present JPPI research, and offer important information regarding the status of the Jewish people. We invite you to read and to respond.


Professor Yedidia Stern



A Farewell to JPPI President Avinoam Bar-Yosef, with the participation of Dr. Henry Kissinger


The farewell event featured a conversation between JPPI’s Co-Chair Amb. Dennis Ross and Dr. Henry Kissinger. According to Kissinger, if Iran were to possess nuclear weapons, it would constitute a real threat to the stability of the Middle East and Israel, and the new US administration should not try to appease Iran.

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The Conversion Challenge

Professor Yedidia Stern


Israel's Supreme Court recognized the validity of Reform and Conservative conversions conducted in Israel for the purpose of granting citizenship. The absence of a Knesset legislation made the court’s decision unavoidable - even those who support it cannot be satisfied. The ongoing controversy surrounding conversion is corroding Jewish unity and must be resolved.


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We love Shtisel. The real ultra-Orthodox? Not so much

Gitit Levy-Paz


As we open our hearts to the TV characters of Shtisel, are we able as a society to accommodate and accept the ultra-Orthodox in real life? It is time to transform the energy of hatred into a constructive force for cooperation.



President Biden and the Current World Order: Implications for Israel and the Jewish People

Avi Gil


The Trump presidency accelerated the erosion of the liberal-democratic ethos and its influence on the world order and the institutions associated with that order. To what extent will the pendulum now swing in the other direction, and what will the implications of such a swing be for Israel and the Jewish people?


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Jewish Creativity Across the Ages –

What About the Corona Age?

Shalom Salomon Wald


Creativity means change and innovation, generating new products and ideas. Anxiety, education, and multicultural views are drivers of creativity. The COVID-19 pandemic and anti-Semitism are now increasing anxiety and are, thus, likely to boost Jewish creativity.



Podcast: Interview with Nadav Eyal, Author of Revolt: The Worldwide Uprising Against Globalization

Shmuel Rosner


The current world order, built with blood and toil over the past several decades, has become deeply fractured. A new reality is emerging from its fragments.