This week we mark Holocaust Remembrance Day and Independence Day. What an emotional upheaval it is to transition from commemorating the most horrific event in the history of the Jewish people to celebrating the most important event in our history since the destruction of the Temple. From the attempt to extinguish the Jewish people to our return to history through the establishment of a nation state. And between the two is Memorial Day for Israel’s fallen soldiers, when we focus on the enormous price of preserving sovereignty. During this national week the Israeli soundtrack reverberates the unity among Jews of all shades. May we remember this profound connection throughout the year.


Prof. Yedidia Stern


Holocaust Remembrance Day

Ambassador (Ret.) Stuart E. Eizenstat

Education about what happened in the Shoah is not enough. We must pledge to learn the lessons from the Holocaust in our own actions in the 21st century. In Israel, that means all Jews should respect one another, regardless of their religious practices.

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Credit: Tulio Bertorini, CC BY-SA 2.0


Between Purim and Holocaust Memorial Day

Shlomo Fischer

The Holocaust embodies two aspects of our identity, the human and the Jewish. But the solidarity needed for Israeli society cannot be based solely on the horrors of the Shoah. Israeli society needs positive glue.



Holocaust Remembrance the Day After

Dr. Gitit Paz Levy

Is the traumatic memory of the Holocaust the primary basis of connection for the Jewish people? Educators in Israel and in the Diaspora need to strengthen other common denominators.

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Israel Advocacy and Israel Education — Leadership Must Decide

Dr. John Ruskay

The confusion that arises between Israel advocacy and Israel Education, causes many American Jews to lack the basic knowledge needed to understand Israel's complexity and to engage in a meaningful discourse on its issues.



Rules of the Democratic Game

Prof. Yedidia Stern

Both the ruling party and its opponents are responsible for an escalating erosion in the rule of law and respect for the rules of the game.



The Vision of One State is Approaching. And it May Begin in Jerusalem

Avi Gil (opinion article)

Trends gaining momentum may motivate Jerusalem Arabs to participate in the city's next municipal elections. Israel's dormant binational reality may erupt full steam in Jerusalem.


Credit: Mark Neyman / Government Press Office

Podcast: A Conversation with Dr. Gayil Talshir

Shmuel Rosner

Understanding Israel's fourth election results.

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