The Jewish people, in its two largest communities, continues to face formidable challenges: In Israel, terror attacks by Hamas, which seeks to eradicate the nation-state of the Jewish people. In North America, antisemitism has risen to the highest levels seen in two generations. Solidarity between these two communities is required and will strengthen their resilience. This issue also emerges between the lines of the recent Pew report on American Jews, which focuses on yet another existential challenge – preserving Jewish identity.


Prof. Yedidia Stern



The 2021 Arab Israeli Riots and their Consequences

Shmuel Rosner


Israel Must Rethink its Gaza Policy

Michael Herzog    

In the struggle between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas for the leadership of the Palestinian people, the former must be clearly preferred.

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Israel's Confrontation with Hamas is a Strategic Wake-up Call

Avi Gil

The violent confrontation with Hamas reveals how delusional the Israeli reality is: The Israeli-Palestinian issue has long been pushed out of the political discourse and election debates.

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Pew’s Limited View

Dr. John Ruskay

Pew's research misses the incredible creativity and renewal that is also taking place in the non-Orthodox Jewish liberal communities in North America.

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Beyond the TV Screen: American Jews and Israel

Dr. Gitit Levy-Paz

Research suggests, watching Israeli TV shows helps transform abstract feelings of identification into real expressions of knowledge and connection to Israel.

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One, Two, or Three Jewish Identities among Jewish Americans?

Dr. Shlomo Fischer

The Pew report points to two opposing forms of Jewish identity growing on the fringes of the Jewish community. In the future we may have to talk not about one but about three American Jewish communities.

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Israel-Diaspora Relations and the Pew Report

Dr. Inbal Hakman

The Pew report makes a distinction between "Jews by religion" and "Jews of no religion." The distinction makes it possible to see that when religious identity disappears, the connection to Israel weakens dramatically.

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Pew Survey Shows Shift in Affiliations of Young American Jews

Dan Feferman

For a majority of those who desire a strong Jewish connection, Judaism could turn into more of a culture or family tradition, rather than a religion anchored in an organized community.

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The Threat of War between Israel`s Branches of Government

Prof. Yedidia Stern

Our divided society urgently needs a constitutional anchor that, while not resolving our national disputes, will provide guidance on how to manage them.

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